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EXACTLY What You Need to Change Your Life

The greatest gift that you were given in life was given to you for free…

…and that may be why most people don’t value it.

In an article we just read, creator Martin Rooney brings home a perfect point… When you were born, you were given the greatest gift in the cosmos.  You were given a life of time.  Most people, however, don’t value their time. Perhaps this is because this great gift was given to us for free.  Many people spend huge amounts of their time each day without any return on investment.  When you spend your time searching aimlessly on the internet, in front of the TV, or doing nothing, you are spending time with no real hope of a positive return.


Here is your opportunity to spend a little time and get a huge positive return. The Dental Assistant School of Nashville would like to help you move forward with a career change to re-shape your life in these challenging times. Dr. Kelly Rice is generously offering a $50 scholarship for students who signup on the website.

Enroll now  before the class fills up…  Simply call (615) 988-8484 or email and come visit the school today!

Dr Kellye N. Rice

4 thoughts on “EXACTLY What You Need to Change Your Life

  1. I called the school and this is exactly what I needed to help me find a great career. They are very helpful when you take the time to call. They answered all my questions and I am very happy about where i am heading now.

  2. I wanted to say thanks for sharing how to get a few discounts to this wonderful program. I signed up and already enjoying the class so far. Thanks again

  3. Wise words… Wondering when the next class starts – I want to sign up. Will send an email 🙂

  4. I found your page in google. Thank you so much for this article. I am interested in dental assisting and will contact you about the scholarship.

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