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Dental School Success Story

Here is a life changing dental school success story form one of our students: “My story begins with my family living from pay check to pay check. My husband found the ad from craigslist from this school about becoming a dental assistant. I thought he was crazy but I decided to check it out anyway. Mrs. Kaye was amazing at telling me what I needed to do along with showing me around the office. I felt so welcomed, So I signed up for class.

Dental School Success

The instructor for this dental assisting school is awesome and such a sweet person. I learned so much in my 13-week course. I highly recommend this school to anyone. I found a job before graduation!”

Another one of our students had this to say about our class: ” I am extremely grateful to have been able to attend the Dental Assisting School of Nashville. I knew I always wanted a career in the Health Field but I wasn’t sure which field I wanted to work in. I began searching and found The Dental Assistant School of Nashville and it immediately caught my attention.

I began my research and decided to just go for it. I was nervous and excited on the first day of class but I can now say I have the confidence I need and have made the best decision. Our teacher Mrs. Janeanne was so kind and patient, she made sure to help us gain a better understanding no matter what our questions were. Her knowledge and passion for dentistry showed the moment she began teaching. I will miss this school but I am very excited to begin my career as an official Dental Assistant.

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Dr Kellye N. Rice

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  1. I know a few friends who took this amazing dental assistant class. I am now signed up and ready for the next session. So excited !!!

  2. I love these stories that were told and why they decided to go with this dental assisting school. I am happy to be joining the family and start the next session 🙂

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