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Dental Assistant Students Find Jobs Before Graduation

Many of our dental assistant students find jobs before they graduate! They start early on a fulfilling new dental assistant career. Learn about some of our graduate’s dental assistant review stories and their new jobs below.

dental assistant students

“I highly recommend Dental Assistant School of Nashville to any & everyone. The small classes allow you the opportunity to voice every question and concern you may have during every step of the program. The DASN instructor has a passion for the dental field and a love for sharing her passion with others; which translates into everyone of her students being well educated in all aspects of dental assisting. DASN has been a spectacular experience for me & I feel confident in starting my dental assisting career because of this school.” – Brooklynn O.

“I just want to say this school is absolutely amazing. It has taught me not only to be a great future dental assistant but has made me feel so comfortable in every way possible. The instructor is hands down the best and the staff at the facility is so friendly and will help out with anything. I recommend going to this school!” – Christain H.

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Dr Kellye N. Rice

Dental Assisting Reviews – Interviewed for a Job Before Graduation

Our students from the Dental Assistant School of Nashville are well prepared to handle the dream and challenges of being a dental assistant before they’re done with our 13 week course! It’s not uncommon for our students to even get a new Dental Assistant Jobs prior to graduation! Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at what some of our wonderful student’s dental assisting reviews say about our class preparation for a new Dental Assisting Career…

dental assisting reviews

Kelsea C. says,

“Thrilled to announce that I interviewed for my very first position as a Registered Dental Assistant, was offered a job and will be accepting! The practice that I will soon be joining is outstanding. I feel extremely blessed.

Dental Assistant School of Nashville has by far been the most rewarding experience I’ve ever had an opportunity at. The instructor is simply AMAZING and ensures that each individual understands before proceeding course. I gained so much from this program and am so confident in my career as an RDA. The staff here is truly great.

Also forever appreciative for the friendships I now have and will gain from this. This was a HUGE stepping stone for me and I’m so excited to see where I go from here. Thank you for helping me find my place.”

Chloe B. says,

“Attending the Dental Assistant school of Nashville has been a great experience. it was everything i hoped for and more. I would recommend this school to anyone and everyone. Thank you for helping me reach my goals. Along the way i met some amazing friends.”

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Dr. Kellye N. Rice

Dental Assistant Review by Graduate Student

Dental Assistant Review
This video says it all. Click to view a Dental Assistant Review Video by Graduate Dawn Penny who loved the individual attention she got from the small class size at the Dental Assisting School of Nashville!

Thank you Dawn for your kind words and congratulations for your ongoing success and what the future holds for you and your wonderful family.

We understand the nerves, fear of the unknown, going back to school, the financial pressure, we get it, and we care unconditionally about our students. Thank you Dawn for your words of encouragement to new students looking to make a change!

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Dr Kellye N. Rice

Dental Assisting Class Gave That Reassurance

Dental Assisting ClassThis course has truly blessed me in more ways than one.
It has provided me with the information and knowledge needed to succeed properly. Thinking that I was beginning to lose faith in my career option, thinking I was talking too long in school.

The dental assisting class gave me that reassurance, that things will come I just have to be patient. Now, finally after 3 years of undergrad I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Dentistry is something I’ve always wanted to do! I have a passion for it and my mind is made up.

I would like to thank the office of Dr. Kaye Rice and Ms. Janeane especially. Ms. Janeane never gave up on any of her students no matter how difficult of learning the student may have.

She had patience and is caring. Great people that are willing to help are hard to find, but she is a true blessing.

Thank you DASN for all the hard work and time you all put into us!

With much love and respect,

– says Adia S.

Going to become a Dental Assistant

Become a Dental AssistantAbout 5 years ago, I found DASN, I wanted to apply as fast as possible but being a single teen parent, the money was going to be an issue. I would save, save, save but between sending my boyfriend to rehab, working minimum wage and taking care of a 2 year. My money would drain. So I set myself a goal for the new year. I was going to become a Dental Assistant. No matter what it took, I was going to reach my goal. Walking in my 1st day, I was so nervous. My anxiety was through the roof! I picked my chair (closest to the door) little did I know. That was Ms. Janeane’s chair! FYI don’t sit in Ms. Janeane’s chair. She told me to get out of her chair! And then she smiled and laughed and I knew she was not a Mean Janeane. We went around the table and introduced ourselves and that is where my dental assistant story began. I was completely blessed to be put in that class. God knew what he was doing when he made me wait. I really loved coming to class every Tuesday-Thursday. I even came in on Halloween as a Raccoon!
Anyways, I loved DASN and I will always be thankful that I was in dental assisting class.

– says Ashley A.

Dental Assistant Career – School Gave Me a Solid Career

dental assistant careerMy success story started the day that I attended the Dental Assistant School of Nashville. This program taught me the skills and knowledge to be the best dental assistant I can be. It was a great experience and it Gave me a Solid Career, a lot of memories, hands-on experience, and great friendships (dental assistant career).

I was never given the option to fail or give up and the teacher Mrs Janeane was so wonderful. She worked so hard making sure that everyone understood the material. I would re-do this program in a heartbeat. I have learned so much in the past few weeks and I can’t wait to see where I will go.

– says Halee

Dental Assisting Classes Incredible Experience

Dental Assisting Classes Incredible ExperienceThe Dental Assistant School of Nashville has been an Incredible Experience. I went to the University of Mississippi for a year and realized it just wasn’t for me. I found out about this program and I was so excited and ready to start my journey as a dental assistant! (Dental Assisting Classes Incredible Experience)

Janeane was a wonderful teacher and had the knowledge to help us learn about dental assisting. I always looked forward to coming to class since it was so enjoyable and I will miss my classmates.

– says Sydney

Dental Assistant School Best Decision I Have Made

dental assistant school best decisionJoining the Dental Assistant School of Nashville turned out to be one of the best decision I have made. This has been the most enjoyable education experiences I have had. The teacher and the rest of the staff are so encouraging to everyone and that makes learning that much easier. (This was a dental assistant school best decision!)

I have learned more than I ever thought I would while also having so much fun in class. I feel that this school has completely prepared me for my future career in dental assisting. I would highly recommend this school to anyone thinking about becoming a dental assistant.

– says Candace M.

Best Dental Assistant School I Could’ve Chosen

Best Dental AssistantBy far the best dental assistant school I could’ve chosen. Dr. Rice and Mrs. Kaye Burton were so warm, welcoming, and helpful with anything I needed. The staff were great.

Our teacher, Mrs. Janeane, was WONDERFUL. She treated us less like her students and more like her children. You can tell she truly cares about her students and making us the best assistants we can be. I could tell you more about my experience but you just need to experience it for yourself! If you’re considering going to school for Dental Assisting I highly recommend Dental Assistant School of Nashville.

– Sarah Delgado from Whitehouse, TN.