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Dental Assistant School Student Achievements

Our dental assistant school students have made many successful achievements. We are so proud of them. Some of our students had this to share about their experience in the program…

“Before I started into the dental program, I was a part time student attending CSCC. Almost two years ago I lost my father due to an illness. The part year was extremely hard and I could not focus on any of my assignments. My father was my guidance and my tutor. He helped me with all my homework assignments. For awhile, I believed I was not going to get anywhere without him. Until, I heard about the dental program. So I decided to give it a try.”

Dental Assistant School

“I met with Mrs. Kaye who was very sweet and gave a warm welcome. I explained to her my situation and that I had a learning disability. She was very understanding and told me a little bit about the program and the instructor. I get the opportunity to meet with the instructor Mrs. Janeane the same day. After talking with Mrs. Janeane, I was less nervous and more excited to start classes. A few weeks into the program and I was already learning so much. Mrs. Janeane was very encouraging and had confidence in all of her students. She treated us all like we were her own children. She took the time to make sure we understood the material. She made learning a fun and exciting experience for us all. Mrs. Janeane is one of the best instructors I’ve ever had. And because of her, I’ve learned so much and will be graduating as an RDA (Registered Dental Assistant). Mrs. Janeane helped me to have confidence in myself and that nothing is impossible, because the word itself says I’m possible! I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants to work in the dental field!” – says Heather T.

Another student had this to say about our dental assistant school…

“I had been referred by a former student of the Dental Assistant School of Nashville who said that I should definitely try it out. My life had not been going too great in the employment area. So I thought that school would be the same. I decided to take a leap of faith and sign-up so that I could make a greater life for me and my unborn son. From my very 1st day of walking into class, I knew that I would succeed. Mrs. Janeane and my classmates made my time here very interesting and worth every penny. I will most definitely recommend anyone who wants a great learning experience and great career to come to the Dental Assistant School of Nashville.” – says Kamira B.

Have goals to become a dental assistant like these two students did? If so, then all you have to do to join our next session is simply email,  call (615) 988-8484 orcome visit the school today and check out our dental assistant facebook page!

Dr Kellye N. Rice