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Dental Assistant School of Nashville Dental Assistant School of Nashville Dental Assistant School of Nashville Dental Assistant School of Nashville Dental Assistant School of Nashville

Dental Assisting Classes Incredible Experience

Dental Assisting Classes Incredible ExperienceThe Dental Assistant School of Nashville has been an Incredible Experience. I went to the University of Mississippi for a year and realized it just wasn’t for me. I found out about this program and I was so excited and ready to start my journey as a dental assistant! (Dental Assisting Classes Incredible Experience)

Janeane was a wonderful teacher and had the knowledge to help us learn about dental assisting. I always looked forward to coming to class since it was so enjoyable and I will miss my classmates.

– says Sydney

Dental Assistant School Best Decision I Have Made

dental assistant school best decisionJoining the Dental Assistant School of Nashville turned out to be one of the best decision I have made. This has been the most enjoyable education experiences I have had. The teacher and the rest of the staff are so encouraging to everyone and that makes learning that much easier. (This was a dental assistant school best decision!)

I have learned more than I ever thought I would while also having so much fun in class. I feel that this school has completely prepared me for my future career in dental assisting. I would highly recommend this school to anyone thinking about becoming a dental assistant.

– says Candace M.

A Great Dental Assistant Salary is in the Future for these Graduates

Join “THE BEST” dental assisting school in the Nashville area to get a great dental assistant salary. One reason we are the best is that our classes go beyond your typical training and this shows by the number of our students that get hired. One more reason to attend our school is that Dr. Kellye Rice is offering a $50 scholarship to help reduce tuition cost for a limited number of students who join the next session.

Dental Assistant Salary

We train in an upscale dental facility with a “woman’s touch” and are very professional in all matters of learning so the students can get the best out of the course. Many of our students graduate with a dental assisting job.

We limit the number of students per class. This allows for the best interaction with our teacher and the students. You will gain the skills, know-how and personal confidence to excel in your new career and great dental assistant salary.

We want to congratulate Sydney, Candace, Halee, Anna Beth and Stacey on graduating and for their job well done. Nice work and great job ladies! Two of our recent graduates Halle and Candace had good things to say about our the Dental Assistant School of Nashville…

  • This dental assisting school was a great experience, it gave me a solid career” says Halee F.
  • “I feel like this school has prepared me for my future career. I would recommend it to anyone.” – Candace M.

Grab a scholarship before they are gone. Join our next session – simply email, call (615) 988-8484, or come visit the school today!

Dr Kellye N. Rice

Best Dental Assistant School I Could’ve Chosen

Best Dental AssistantBy far the best dental assistant school I could’ve chosen. Dr. Rice and Mrs. Kaye Burton were so warm, welcoming, and helpful with anything I needed. The staff were great.

Our teacher, Mrs. Janeane, was WONDERFUL. She treated us less like her students and more like her children. You can tell she truly cares about her students and making us the best assistants we can be. I could tell you more about my experience but you just need to experience it for yourself! If you’re considering going to school for Dental Assisting I highly recommend Dental Assistant School of Nashville.

– Sarah Delgado from Whitehouse, TN.

Dental Assistant Program – A Job for You

Feeling trapped in a boring job? Would a job that pays more than daily needs and feels challenging be a life improvement? How about a job makes a person feel proud of what they are doing? Answering yes to any of these questions indicates that it is time for a change… Why not check out a Dental Assistant Program to start a new career?

Dental Assistant Program

Make a change and become a dental assistant – a job with employment opportunities anywhere in the United States. In today’s job market the dental assisting field is growing faster than most others and there is a great need for qualified dental assistants. No matter what the status of the economy, every person needs dental work at some point. Hence, being a Dental Assistant is a perfect recession-proof career.

grads-3Our Dental Assistant Program is direct and straight to the point, no messing around! Learning everything including impressions, crowns, instruments, x-rays, etc.! We couldn’t be happier with every group of students that graduate from our school, they are all exceptional! Congratulations go out to our graduates from a recent program: Jessica, Sarah, Melissa and Alta. Nice work everyone!

If you want to join our next session simply emailcall (615) 988-8484 orcome visit the school today and check out our dental assistant facebook page!

Dr Kellye N. Rice

Dental Assisting Session Graduates & Discount!

Dental AssistingThere are many reasons why our dental assisting school is considered “THE BEST”!! Our curriculum goes far beyond basic training and it really shows by the number of students that get hired.  Another great reason to attend this school is that Dr. Kellye Rice and the school offer a scholarship for some sessions to help reduce the cost of tuition.

Our facility is upscale and we run a tight ship regarding professionalism in all aspects of learning as well as personal presentation. Our students often graduate with dental assisting jobs.

We accept only a limited number of students per class (usually max of 10) which allows our school staff to give personal attention and training.  You’ll graduate with the confidence, skills and “know-how” to excel in your new career! Compare this to other nearby schools that are limited in the amount of attention they can give to a class of 30 or more students.

dental assistant schoolTwo of our recent graduates include Autumn F. and Abbi T. We are very proud of them both. Congratulations to Abbi T. for being offered (and accepting) a job in the office where she did her internship! They have been outstanding students.

Our students are dedicated, proactive and positive thinkers! We love seeing the growth in our students as they learn the language of dental assisting. There is always a reason to smile when you’re excited to learn and challenge yourself.

dental assistant salaryDental assistants are in high demand throughout the United States. We give our students the tools they need to fill these jobs, but the hard work comes from them.

If you want to grab this coupon and join our next session simply email, call (615) 988-8484 orcome visit the school today and check out our dental assistant facebook page!

Dr Kellye N. Rice

Dental Assistant Course – What Type Is Best For You?

What type of dental assistant course is right for you? Both short and long dental assistant courses will have pros and cons about them. Generally speaking short term courses are between one quarter to one half the cost of longer term courses and take about a third of the time.

Dental Assistant Course

Individuals who are highly motivated do very well in a short term course compared to those that take a longer one. It doesn’t matter though what type of course you take, you will still enter the dental field at entry level and work your way up.It really just depends on each individual on what type of course is the best for them.

You can really see our students bond in the 13-week course that we offer and that helps each student learn since you have a team helping learn the materials.

Our class environment is in a modern Dental office, so the students gain a genuine respect for the cost of equipment and a feel of working in an actual office.

Want to take the next step in becoming a dental assistant?…  Simply email or call (615) 988-8484 and come visit the school today!

Dr Kellye N. Rice

Dental Assistant Jobs – Can I Get A Job After Graduation?

Dental Assistant JobsWe are surprised when we are asked about Dental Assistant Jobs. The quick answer is “YES!”. What we will not do though is find that job for you.

Our students have been very successful at obtaining jobs in the dental field. We make sure that most of our students are getting out there and interviewing for jobs within the first month after starting our course. Having a resume and cover letter will help ensure the students confidence is high.

What this means for the students – is that they will be getting paid for their internships and externships if they are hired because the dentists want them to stay.

We try our best to help each student present themselves in the best way to get hired. We give our students the tools they need to become a dental assistant but the hard work comes from them. Dental assistants are in high demand throughout the United States.

If you want to join our next session simply emailcall (615) 988-8484 orcome visit the school today and check out our dental assisting facebook page!

Dr Kellye N. Rice

Dental Assistant – $100 off Tuition Discount

Are you ready for a career change? If so, we would like to help you with dental assistant training, especially if finding good jobs has been difficult. Dr Kellye Rice and the Dental Assistant School of Nashville are offering an additional $100 scholarship to help reduce the cost of tuition.

Dental Assistant

examMake the right choice and start a new career in dental assisting with dental assistant training. The scholarship is available for students who enroll by April 18, 2016 – and while there are still remaining spots in the class. Note that this scholarship can be combined with the $50 scholarship for online signup – for a total savings of $150 off Tuition!

Reserve a spot in our next Dental Assisting class…Don’t wait – there is only a few days left that this special scholarship discount will be available! Simply call (615) 988-8484 or email and come visit the school today!

Dr Kellye N. Rice

Dental Assistant Salary is Excellent in this Career

dental assistant salaryIf you are considering a dental assistant salary and starting a career in dentistry, then you have made an great choice. The benefits of this profession are great and can lead you to a successful future, especially in the long term. It is an ideal choice for anyone considering a job in the healthcare industry.

According to the American Dental Association, ‘a career as a dental assistant is challenging, requires multitasking skills and strong hold communication skills.’ If you excel in these skills, then this career can turn out to be a blessing for you. As you are trained under the guidance of certified professionals, and learn to apply the skills, soon enough you will be able to find great jobs, earning a higher salary and reaping numerous other important benefits.

Excellent Future Job Possibilities

Careers in dental assisting is growing more rapidly these days than most other careers. For many more years, it will remain a great career opportunity primarily due to this high demand.

With the passage of time, many people from different walks of life are choosing this lucrative career since they feel that it can provide them with a lot more than just a great dental assistant salary, especially in the present challenging economy. Once you have been able to earn experience in the field, working with experienced dentists, you will pursue amazing job opportunities for yourself.

Promising Opportunities

Choosing a career in this field offers incredible opportunities – the kind you look for from an ideal job. You can polish your skills and experience in a trade school like ours and then perform well in the dental field. Moreover, getting training from professionals will help open up numerous job-related opportunities. Dentists in any part of the country certainly prefer having assistants who are well trained and experienced in handling various dental responsibilities with or without supervision.

If you want to join our next session simply emailcall (615) 988-8484 orcome visit the school today and check out our dental assisting facebook page!

Dr Kellye N. Rice