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Love the Instructors and Staff


After not having a good experience at a different school, I found the Dental Assistant School of Nashville.

This school has taught me a career that I really enjoy and I absolutely love the instructors and staff. The 13-week classes are fitting for my schedule and I really enjoy the one-on-one teaching experience.

– says Rebecca F.

Excited to Learn

KataraI can say that i have came a long way and I am so proud of the person I am becoming. When I started college I was attending WKU and I felt school wasn’t for me, so I sat out a whole year and decided to attend dental assisting school. Everything wasn’t so easy like trying to come up with the money to pay for the schooling.

When I started the program Mrs. Janeane and Dr. Kelley Rice made me feel comfortable and excited to learn. I stayed focus, studied very hard for all my tests and quizzes, and kept my eye on the prize.

After I receive my certificate I would love to intern more with a great dentist office and after I become more experienced I would like to be hired by a dentist office and become the best dental assistant I can be. I really appreciate Dr. Rice and Mrs. Janeane for helping me with my journey.

– says Katara W. from Nashville, TN

Awesome School !

stars-MarielaThis is an awesome school, with the best teachers.  I am learning a lot and having a great time.  I am so happy to be here.

Anyone that wants to have a career as a dental assistant ,should check out this school.

When I started at this school I was very nervous. English was not my first language. I was worried that I would not learn anything. The teachers here made learning easy for me. They made me feel more and more comfortable everyday. They took the time to make sure that I understood the material. It’s an amazing feeling when you find the right school with the right staff. Dr. Kelley Rice and Janeane are very passionate about the dental profession and that passion was transferred to me. I recommend this school to anyone who wants to be a dental assistant. Being here was one of the most amazing experiences in my life.

– says Mariela V. from Murfreesboro, TN